Where Creating Clear & Consistent Education Plans Leads to Happy, Successful Students

“Time to Talk IEPs was founded as a way to support families and ensure that students receive the assistance they need to be successful in school.”

– Meagan Avitable, Owner, Time To Talk IEPS

Message to Parents

Hi Parents!

I see you. Your heart is heavy for your child who continues to struggle within the classroom. Rather than school being a place for your child to learn and grow, it has become an emotional battlefield where frustration has clipped their wings. As a parent you know your loved one is capable of so much more, yet his or her grades keep slipping.

I understand this tugs at your heartstrings. No parent ever wants to see their child overwhelmed with unnecessary challenges both academically and socially! On top of that, you’re done with the days of seeing that look in your child’s eyes when he or she brings home a low grade.

The truth is your child does not have to struggle.

School systems offer Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) and 504’s to meet the needs of students requiring additional support. IEP’s and 504’s are created to provide a variety of academic and social-emotional accommodations to set your child up for success.

Maybe your child already has an IEP or 504, but you’re looking for someone to review it or clearly communicate exactly what your child needs with school administration in order to make sure all accommodations your child qualifies for are being provided, executed, and followed.

This is where I step in!

My role is to listen to your concerns and communicate them to school administration and classroom teachers. The best part is IEP’s and 504’s are individualized and tailored for each student. I am here to ensure your child gets exactly what they need to experience success.

As a part of your child’s team, my role is to…

  • Explain and clarify the IEP/504 process
  • Determine if your child could potentially qualify for 504 or IEP services
  • Educate you on the types of accommodations or services your child could qualify for
  • Advocate to ensure an appropriate plan is created
  • Translate the IEP/ 504 paperwork to ensure clarity and consistency
  • Ensure all accommodations are being met and followed

You do not have to walk through this process all by yourself!

Let’s start up a healthy conversation so I can get to know you and understand your child’s academic journey.

Our Services

IEP/504 Consultation

Meet with me for up to 60 minutes for us to discuss your child’s academic struggles and to review your child’s Individual Education Plan. From there, we’ll discuss recommendations.

Consultation Call Plus

Schedule a consultation call with me so we can create clear goals and objectives prior to your child’s IEP/504 meeting. Plus, I will attend the IEP/ 504 services meeting for up to two and a half hours.

Advocate Packages

I will create a custom package based on your situation providing you with meeting support, consultation calls,
unlimited contact, and more.

IEP Review

Welcome to Florida. I will review your child’s IEP from another state to ensure all necessary accommodations are transferred from your previous state.

Homeschool Evaluator

Florida law requires home education students to be evaluated once a calendar year to verify that the students have been educated.

A portfolio review is a type of homeschool evaluation that is a simple look at records kept of the child’s learning to verify that learning has occurred.

Mission Statement

My mission is to educate and empower parents through the IEP process so their child achieves success within the classroom.

About Me

My name is Meagan Avitable. I recently rescued three poodles Hazel, Tessa, and Reba who are absolutely adored, pampered, and LOVED! One fun fact is that two of my fur babies came all the way from Idaho to join their forever home with me. The mountains are always calling my name, so you can often find me visiting one of my favorite getaway spots, the Blue Ridge Mountains! I love hummingbirds and find myself relaxing and watching them eat from my backyard lanai. At the end of a busy day, I often have my nose in a good book. I love escaping in fantasy novels or diving deep into a captivating memoir.

I am an expert in the field of special education with over a decade of experience working with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and district personnel. I am passionate about education and using my voice to ensure all students have a positive educational experience. I’ve had the honor of presenting several times at Learning Disabilities of America conferences, American Speech-Language-hearing Association conferences, and Florida American Speech-Language-Hearing Association conferences.

After attending hundreds of IEP and 504 meetings, I noticed a pattern in the world of special education. Even though a student has an IEP or 504 plan, that does not mean the student is receiving the maximum benefits and resources they possibly can from their individualized plan. To remedy this problem, I founded Time to Talk IEPs as a way to support families and ensure that students receive the assistance they need to be successful in school.

Looking to maximize your child’s IEP/ 504 plan?


Valerie Ma
Valerie Ma
Meagan is very responsive, easy to connect with, a great listener, and extremely knowledgeable. She was very understanding / validating of our concerns and had informed, practical ideas for solutions. She came to the meeting well-organized and prepared, represented our concerns accurately and advocated fearlessly but also in a relatable, emotionally intelligent (not off-putting) way. We couldn't be more grateful!
Michael D.
Michael D.
Meagan was responsive and attentive to detail right from the start. She listened and confirmed she understood our situation and was able to guide us every step of the way. Highly recommend her services!
Simy Benchimol
Simy Benchimol
I highly recommend Meagan. She was so helpful in advocating for my child. She made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely have her at all my meetings.
Jen Weydert
Jen Weydert
Meagan is amazing to work with and I highly recommend her! We worked with her on a matrix review for my daughter. There are a lot of advocates out there, but what sets her apart is that she makes the process simple. She asks all the right questions and is very thorough. She is always available for any questions and is so responsive. I'm happy to have her as our advocate and I think she is wonderful to work with.
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green
Wonderful experience with Meagan. I was not confident that I could achieve expressing and proving what I know my child needs. Meagan discussed my concerns and listened to my wishes. Once she reviewed all the paperwork I provided she agreed with me on the needs for my child. Meagan was able to take all the paperwork/documentation and prepare everything for a review. The process for my family was an update for an older IEP.
Lara Crutchley
Lara Crutchley
I highly recommend Meagan for all your special educational needs. She is knowledgeable, caring, supportive and always available for advice. Our family is so happy to have Meagan as our advocate, and we have had great outcomes with our school from her support during IEP meetings.
Damaris Lopez
Damaris Lopez
I highly recommend Meagan! She's great with asking all the questions that seemed unquestionable. Having three kiddos with an IEP can be super overwhelming and confusing! Meagan helped adjust my daughter's IEP. ( My daughter is super happy ) Meagan makes sure you leave the IEP meeting with understanding and happy! Thank you Meagan ❤️
Michele Johnston
Michele Johnston
Meagan is great to work with, readily available & quick to respond! Highly recommend!!
Christina H
Christina H
Meagan is very knowledgeable and will speak up for your child’s rights. I will have her attend every meeting with my child’s school and she will hold the schools accountable! Highly recommend her services!

3 Steps To Get Started


Schedule a 15 minute discovery call.


Hop on a call to discuss your child’s educational journey and needs.

Do you need help with receiving services, a service review, or are you in search of a meeting advocate?


I’ll review your case and determine how I can best meet your child’s needs.

Contact Me

Fill out the contact form below to let me know more about your child’s academic situation. Be sure to include:

  1. Your child’s age and grade level.
  2. Social and/or academic concerns.
  3. Paperwork status (Requesting services/ Reviewing services).
  4. The service(s) you are requesting to know about.

I will reach out to you within 24 hours to set up a call.